Wilmington Through the Eyes of Louis T. Moore

Wilmington, North Carolina History
Wilmington Through the Eyes of Louis T. Moore a Video Documentary

Wilmington Through the Eyes of Louis T. Moore is a documentary that highlights the history of Wilmington, North Carolina as seen and written by Louis Toomer Moore.  Excerpts from his book “Stories Old and New of the Cape Fear Region” are recreated to tell some of the favorite stories he wrote about in his book.

Louis T. Moore did more than just write a book about Wilmington and photograph it in panoramic fashion.  He became actively involved in recording what the community of Wilmington, North Carolina had worked so long to build.

Much of the community and many of the visitors here may never know that the reason they see so much of Wilmington history around the city is , in part, due to Louis T. Moore’s efforts to save it.

Historic Wilmington, North Carolina is located on the Lower Cape Fear River in New Hanover County.

This video was produced by Constance H. Knox and H. Walter Knox in 1996. It first aired on UNC-TV (PBS), followed by The History Channel, nationwide.

Here’s a book by Susan Taylor Block of a similar theme to my documentary. I served with Susan on the Board of Directors at the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society years ago.

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