Back Creek Monthly Meeting Cemetery Images

Original Back Creek Monthly Meeting House

Quakers have called North Carolina home since the late 1600’s. Randolph County has a “Friends” church called Back Creek Monthly Meeting that began in 1789. It is still active today.

Found in Entry Hall at Back Creek Monthly Meeting

While visiting the cemetery, looking for Henley ancestors, I captured many images of both the church and some of the tombstones in the cemetery.  I’ve also restored some of the early images of the church.  Go here to see Back Creek images.

Also, know that many of the tombstones were removed from this cemetery.  The Pastor told me that they had been removed decades ago because they were not in compliance with the churches policy of the time. It was considered to self-serving to have your name and only initials were allowed at the time. So many headstones were removed by the church. While there are large areas of this cemetery that appear to be open, I was informed that this cemetery is full.  Today, names and dates adorn the tombstones.

Also, Find-A-Grave has many tombstones from Back Creek, but few of the church itself. Be sure to check both locations for your ancestors.

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  1. Do you know the approximate year of this photo, Back Creek Meeting House? Thx!

    • George,

      I do not know the date of the Back Creek image. It was located just inside the doors of the church. I would guess it is late 1800’s, perhaps post civil war era. It was in really bad shape and in a glass frame… so I don’t know if there is any writing on the back. I would love to know myself.

  2. Thank you for the pictures! I found this page by doing a search to see where my Henley ancestors lived.

  3. Ms. Knox, this photo is labeled as an “out building,” not as the old meetinghouse itself. Is that correct?

    • This photo is located in the front entry hall of the current Back Creek Monthly Meeting. I’m not sure if it was the original meeting house or an out building. I assume that photo is still there. I worked on it to increase the clarity on it. You can watch the video I did of this photo restoration on my YouTube channel here.

  4. Thank you for your documentation of this meeting. Do you know if there is documentation of the headstones that were removed? Marlboro Meeting has an excellent directory to its cemetery. I have been searching for several years for the burial site of Mary Ann Davis Coltrane, wife of Nelson Coltrane and mother of Spencer Coltrane (who is buried at Back Creek). The only reference I have is Old Cedar Grove Cemetery.
    Mary (Coltrane) Bilmanis

    • When I visited Back Creek several years ago, the pastor said there was no records, and didn’t seem that interested in genealogy.

    • When I visited Back Creek several years ago, the pastor said there was no records, and didn’t seem that interested in genealogy.

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