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I love sharing my nearly four decades of experience in genealogy, but I love learning too.  What’s great about genealogists, is their willingness to share.  In the “How To…” column, is where I’ll share my knowledge with you and some of what you share with me. Together we’ll learn from each other.  Okay… let’s face it, the entire website is designed for learning, not just the “How To…” section.

However, it’s in the “How To… section that is devoted to general genealogy learning, not just for North Carolina.  I’ll post, regularly, lots of videos and blogs on how to go “further, faster, with your family history research”.  Let’s Kick Start your research right now with the first post in the “HOW TO…” do genealogy page… and it’s free!

And please… feel free to share your insights in the comments sections!  Together we learn from each other.
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