Have You Seen Genealogy TV?

Check it out!  Click the logo to go to Genealogy TV on YouTube or go to YouTube.com/GenealogyTV.   Genealogy TV has free genealogy videos uploading at least once a week.  These videos range in topic and skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Make sure you look a the playlist for videos grouped by categories.  The “Learn Genealogy” series, in the playlists, are designed for beginners.  The “footnotes” series are interviews with the experts on a variety of subjects.  There is a very popular photo restoration series, as well as a DNA series, census records, jumping the pond, cluster genealogy and much more.  New videos every week!

Also, make sure you subscribe (it’s free and there is no hidden tricks or anything) and ring the bell so you get notified each time a video uploads.  If you don’t have a Google account,  you’ll need to create one, free and easy too.  If you need help, go here.

Lastly Genealogy TV is on Facebook too!

Thanks for watching Genealogy TV.

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