10 Tips for U.S. Census Records for Genealogy Research

10 Tips for U.S. Census Records for Genealogy ResearchCLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE VIDEO!

Here are 10 tips about the U.S. Census Records and how they can help you with your genealogy research.  As you work on your family history, you’ll come to realize that census records can be the backbone of your genealogical journey.

While they were created to help count the people for proper representation in congress, the information contained within the census records are perfect snapshots of your ancestors through time and contain a ton of information.

In this video, we dig deeper into some of the nuances of the U.S. Census records that will help give you additional perspective about your ancestors lives.

Below are the links promised in the above video.

🔗  Connie’s Chart of Census Years for Citizenship Questions (Download PDF)

📼📼📼 VIDEO PLAYLIST Learn more about the census records in other videos grouped into this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiMXWjHlj5RQn9sWPHtwMdaQQ84RRykAw

📼 VIDEO – #1 Way to Break Down Brick Walls – Trick to Making Cluster Research Faster. https://youtu.be/tMkAWEMb79M

📼 VIDEO “1940 U.S. Federal Census, Supplemental Questions” Genealogy Research (Research Your Family Tree)

🗺️ Steve Morse Website – ED Maps in One Step

🔗 Free forms available at any of the following locations.

📃Free Census Headers for each year through 1930

📃 Enumerator Instructions

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