Researching Persons of Color: African American Genealogy in North Carolina and the U.S.

African American Genealogy

Learn about how to research the family history for Persons of Color.  This “footnotes” episode features Renate Yarborough Sanders.  She teaches us how to research African American ancestors and the records for genealogy in the United States. Handout listed below.

About Renate Yarborough Sanders: 

Renate Yarborough Sanders, genealogist, is an experienced and engaging speaker, who descends from formerly enslaved ancestors, as well as enslavers and free people of color. She authors two blogs, an online funeral program database, and belongs to several genealogical and historical organizations. She is a panelist on Black Pro Gen Live, and is cohost of the new YouTube series, “Let’s Talk North Carolina Genealogy.”

Renate’s Handout

Renate’s Blogs

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