Social Security Death Index, Applications, & SS-5 Updated 2021

Today I’m updating a previous episode about the Social Security Death Index, a.k.a. the SSDI, this is a valuable set of records. Also… a deeper dive into the Social Security Applications & Claims Index , what you get when you send off for the original Social Security Application (SS-5) and how you can expand your family tree as you do your genealogy research.

📃 You can find this HANDOUT at All handouts can be found HERE.

This is a production of Genealogy TV’s (episode 201) that originally aired there in April 2021.

NC Summer Series is Returning Starting June 6th, 2021

NC Summer Series

Renate & Taneya are returning again this summer for season 2 of the North Carolina Summer Series on their YouTube Channel.  The first episode is on NC Land Grants by David McCorkle.  I have seen him present before. If you are researching NC ancestors, you should see this one on June 6th at 2:00 PM (Eastern).

For more information, see their video trailer here.

Find the NC Summer Series YouTube Channel Here.

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Researching Persons of Color: African American Genealogy in North Carolina and the U.S.

African American Genealogy

Learn about how to research the family history for Persons of Color.  This “footnotes” episode features Renate Yarborough Sanders.  She teaches us how to research African American ancestors and the records for genealogy in the United States. Handout listed below.

About Renate Yarborough Sanders: 

Renate Yarborough Sanders, genealogist, is an experienced and engaging speaker, who descends from formerly enslaved ancestors, as well as enslavers and free people of color. She authors two blogs, an online funeral program database, and belongs to several genealogical and historical organizations. She is a panelist on Black Pro Gen Live, and is cohost of the new YouTube series, “Let’s Talk North Carolina Genealogy.”

Renate’s Handout

Renate’s Blogs

Just Thinking



Shout Out to NC Summer Series – Worth Watching!

NC Summer SeriesHere’s a big shout out to Renate Yarborough Sanders and Taneya Koonce for doing the “Let’s Talk NC Genealogy: Summer Series (watch live or replay) on genealogy research in North Carolina. These are excellent YouTube videos hosted by these two ladies as well as a different guest every episode. Every episode is paced well, not to waste your time, well researched, and very informative. 

So far I’ve binge-watched the first three episodes that were live (I watched the replay) about Birth, Marriage, and Death records in North Carolina.  I watched live today’s episode on Manuscript Collections… and they’re not done yet.

They’re doing live shows on YouTube all summer long on the first and third Saturday’s at 12:30 PM through August.  

The next two coming up are about Research at the North Carolina Archives and Library, August 1st, 2020, and on the August 15th episode features Genetic Genealogist, Shannon Christmas. He will speak on the topic: “The Great North Carolinian Novel: Your DNA and How to Read It.”

It’s not too late to watch the replay of the first four episodes or catch the remaining August episodes live on Saturday afternoons.

Click here to find the Let’s Talk NC Genealogy: Summer Series on YouTube! Click the Videos tab at the top for a list of all the prerecorded episodes.

Why they are limiting it to the summer is beyond me.  They are an awesome team.  Perhaps they’ll be inspired to continue on into the fall.

As a fellow YouTuber, I can appreciate the work they put into this series!

Great job ladies… I learned a lot!

10 Tips for U.S. Census Records for Genealogy Research

10 Tips for U.S. Census Records for Genealogy ResearchCLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE VIDEO!

Here are 10 tips about the U.S. Census Records and how they can help you with your genealogy research.  As you work on your family history, you’ll come to realize that census records can be the backbone of your genealogical journey.

While they were created to help count the people for proper representation in congress, the information contained within the census records are perfect snapshots of your ancestors through time and contain a ton of information.

In this video, we dig deeper into some of the nuances of the U.S. Census records that will help give you additional perspective about your ancestors lives.

Below are the links promised in the above video.

🔗  Connie’s Chart of Census Years for Citizenship Questions (Download PDF)

📼📼📼 VIDEO PLAYLIST Learn more about the census records in other videos grouped into this playlist.

📼 VIDEO – #1 Way to Break Down Brick Walls – Trick to Making Cluster Research Faster.

📼 VIDEO “1940 U.S. Federal Census, Supplemental Questions” Genealogy Research (Research Your Family Tree)

🗺️ Steve Morse Website – ED Maps in One Step

🔗 Free forms available at any of the following locations.

📃Free Census Headers for each year through 1930

📃 Enumerator Instructions

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